Clint is one of the best CPA's in the area. He works with our law firm and I can't tell you how great he and his company has been in helping us get organized and on track. He helped us with out quickbooks and getting it all in order. He also helped us get quarterly reports out for our company so we were able to see our income and expenses. I highly recommend Clint and his company for any tax issue, especially if you are a business in the Roseville area. Highly recommend!!

Michael Y. Folsom, CA

Clint is one of a kind. Whenever I have a complicated tax matter I send it to Cramer and Associates. No Matter how daunting the task, Clint and his team get the job done. I recently handled a complicated conservatorship matter - the clients records were a disaster. I knew Clint would make sense of it all and organize it in a fashion that could be presented to the court. Clint exceeded my expectations by a long shot. If you want it done right, give Clint a call.

Justin G. Roseville, CA

Jay and Clint are honest as the days are long. After years of frustration with other accountants my wife found Cramer and Associates through a friends recommendation Let's face it most business relationships are going to start out with sunshine and great intentions. Jay and Clint are not inflatable who is? They do not duck from responsibility, still we did have some issues in the beginning. They both stood up to the plate. Jay and Clint are good communicators and accept criticism. Not only did we all sit down and lay it out, but best of all they just got back into the action required for the task and did exactly like they said they would. Here we are today Jay recouped significant taxes both personal and business. Besides all that Jays a family man with a stand up character and a real deal family, beautiful wife and son..It says much ....to me it does today I consider Jay a friend...

Michael M. Rocklin, CA